BEMPU is Hiring!

We are fortunate to have several projects ongoing for which we are recruiting team members:

Revenue & Impact Generation
  • We are looking for individuals to support our work with the Indian Government, UNICEF, International Program Partners, Distributors, Online Marketing and more channels.
Product Development

Our team is developing several interventions for which we need engineering, clinical and marketing team members:

  • Bracelet – The BEMPU Bracelet detects hypothermia and infection early in low weight newborns.
  • ApneBoot – The ApneBoot system is an electromechanical shoe which detects and resolves apneas in very premature babies.
  • CareCradle – CareCradle is a telemonitoring product and service for critical babies sent home.
  • KMC Products – We are developing 4 products to help promote kangaroo care in hospital, at home and during transport. These span electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and wearables.
  • BHappy – BHappy is a Post Partum Depression Screening tool for use in government centers.

To apply, please send your CV to with the role in the subject line of the email. Candidates should highlight specific examples demonstrating their ability to meet the requirements of the role and also indicate the reasons they would like to work for BEMPU.

We are hiring for the following positions:

Business Support Roles

  • Project Manager
  • New Product Commercialization Strategist & Marketing Specialist
  • Government Sales Lead
  • Marketing Lead (Support for Sales Teams and New Products)
  • EA to CEO
  • Office Assistant
Project Manager

We are looking for someone who can build and maintain project management systems for BEMPU. The Project Lead at BEMPU will not only oversee the product development projects that follow a traditional cycle but would also be able to use their discretion to select and implement other project management methods where appropriate (PMP, Risk Registers, Gantt, Scrum, Agile, Action Tracking, Budgets Reporting, etc). Given the nature of our startup several new or undefined projects and opportunities present themselves. The project lead will be responsible for rapidly organizing these into projects with timelines, budgets and clear accountability. Formal training in project management is desired but not required. Strong skills in MS Word, MS Excel is a must. Experience with MS Project or other gantt software preferred.

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New Product Commercialization Strategist & Marketing Specialist

We are looking for an individual to work with our new products team to develop a strategy to launch them. This individual will meet and understand our customers, develop strategies to gain market traction, and execute the strategy for our products. We have 2 products commercializing in 2018 which this person would work closely with. The individual should be competent to interface with customers, do secondary research, build positioning, discuss value propositions, pain/gain points, develop pricing and more. The person may also be involved with identifying new business and impact opportunities for the company.

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Government Sales Lead

BEMPU is looking for an individual to support our work with state governments around India. In this role, you would build or maintain relationships with NHM and State Health Departments to see how our interventions can support their programs for maternal and newborn health. You would be knowledgeable about their procurement processes, budgeting PIPs, ROPs, aware of relationships with central bodies like ICMR, NHSRC, and understand state and national policies where we interface.

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Marketing Lead (Support for Sales Teams and New Products)

We are looking for a Marketing Lead to develop, implement, track and optimize our marketing campaigns across all channels. In this role, the person will be responsible for reviewing and developing branding/advertising/collateral material and develop and execute on a strategy moving forward both for private and government sales effort including large international organizations such as UN & UNICEF. Experience with SEO & SEM and other marketing optimization skills preferred along with strong skills in MS Word, MS Excel, Photoshop & other relevant marketing software.

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We are looking for a responsible Executive Assistant to perform clerical tasks in a well-organised and timely way. In this role the person will be responsible for Managing CEO’s diaries and arrange his daily schedule (set up meetings, travel, speaking engagements). Additional responsibilities include organizing various activities for the office and staff such as ticket booking, gift purchasing, scheduling activities, taking calls, coordinating small events, etc. This person will also be responsible for devising and maintaining office filing system and taking care of office errands and activities to save the CEO time which may include travel within Bangalore, handling phone calls or emails, logistics, online searching, purchasing, and more.

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Office Assistant

We are looking for an office assistant to help the team in procurement of parts and materials on a regular basis. In this role the individual will also be responsible for ensuring the general hygiene of the office is maintained, including checking and updating office and kitchen supplies, running errands as requested, etc. A high school graduate with 6 months to 1 year of work experience would be an ideal fit for this role.

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Engineering & Clinical Roles

  • Product Development Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Clinical Study Coordinator
  • Management Representative (MR – Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Affairs)
  • Psychologist Consultant
  • Pediatric Nurse Trainer
Product Development Engineer

This team member will work closely with the design and clinical team to design and develop electromechanical or potentially internet enabled medical technologies. Someone who is familiar with design & testing of products, working with vendors, writing technical documentation, aware of quality management systems (ISO 13485), experience with manufacturing and design for manufacturability, an ability to do root cause investigations will be the a good fit for this role. A degree in engineering along with 2 to 5 years of relevant experience is preferred for this role. Experience with medical devices or regulated products would be extremely beneficial.

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Electronics Engineer

A capable electronics engineer is required to drive the electronics development for our wearable products (and potentially our tele-monitoring cradle system). This engineer will work independently or with vendors to design electronic systems (using embedded systems, sensors, PCBs, batteries, arduino, develop code). The person will be good at prototyping complete systems and/or taking prototype systems to marketable and manufacturing systems. The engineer will be working closely with the quality and design teams, as well as other electronic and mechanical engineers on the team.

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Clinical Study Coordinator

In this role, the team member will be executing and coordinating multiple clinical research studies and impact evaluations for multiple ongoing products and interventions for mothers and children. The individual will have to competent in clinical study design, protocol development, working with institutions for approvals, monitoring of studies, handling issues, reporting of results, and publishing of results. The person will work closely with our clinical lead, clinical advisors, partner institutions and more to help build evidence around out interventions. Experience with clinical research or a good understanding of evidence based medicine is essential for this role.

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Management Representative (MR – Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Affairs)

In this role, the person will be responsible to ensure design, development, production and marketing of BEMPU products are best quality as per the regulatory standards/requirements. This role will have an oversight of all the processes, documents and records and will be leading and representing BEMPU in all internal/external audits or any QA/RA meetings. An ideal profile for this role will have 2 to 5 years of experience working in an ISO13485 certified medical device company.

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Psychologist Consultant

BEMPU is looking for a clinical/research psychologist who will take the lead in designing, developing, executing and implementing a screening tool for detecting postpartum depression. An ideal candidate for this role would have experience in Research Methodology & Experimental Design; Attitudinal Survey Development & Implementation; Advanced Statistical Analysis; Test Validation & Development. A Post Graduation or PHD in psychology is essential for the role. An understanding of statistical computing and computer programming logic is preferred.

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Pediatric Nurse Trainer

BEMPU is looking for a nurse trainer to support training and implementation of our bracelet and new products at different sites. This person would have to interface with doctors and other nurses to educate them about our product and assure that they are able to use them. The person may also be involved with monitoring of our clinical studies, and with implementation of our CareCradle home monitoring system. Someone with a background in pediatrics and neonatology is especially preferred.

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